About Me

Hello and thank you for visiting my page. 

My name is William Fitton and I am passionate about Karting with hope of one day getting a career in motor sport. Obviously the ultimate dream is to be an F1 driver but with many other careers based around motor sport from mechanics to designer, media and hospitality the choices are endless. 

Crompton House School

Currently I am a year 9 student at Crompton house School in Shaw, Oldham. Maths, Science, Music and Languages are my favourite topics - its a shame Karting is not an option. I really enjoy school and  I always work hard in everything I do. 

I began Karting in January 2019, for Christmas I received 10 sessions at our local in door track - Team Karting in Rochdale. That 10 sessions, turned to 20, then 30 with it quickly becoming a weekly or biweekly "treat". 
Very quickly I was achieving times within the top 10 for the junior on a regular basis. Currently, I am running 7th Quickest of all time but actually, its 4th as the website has not been updated. 

We then decided to give out door racing ago, TeamKarting is home to the Cadet Cart Championship set up and run by Matty Street so it was only natural to follow their help and advise and we joining their new championship in 2020 with our Project One kart below.