Random Practise - 26th June 2022

Today we attended a practise session at Hooton Park Kart Track mainly because we missed last weekends race.  Weather The forecast was warm with a slight chance of rain and high wind speeds  Setup  We ran our usual 75-76 tooth sprocket and 11-9 psi throughout the day although at the last session we went up to 12psi and a 79 tooth sprocket which gave similar results to our other runs through the day Practices  As there was not many people on as it was only a Sunday practice after the cars the day before there were many sessions on track so plenary of time out. Session one I set nothing amazing a high 37 as I was getting used to it for the day and similarly with session 2 and 3 although working down to 37 flat. Towards midday when the weather became warmer and the track grippier  we worked down to a 36:7 and then plateaued with getting quicker. We made numerous changes to the kart at the time yet not gave a major time difference. On the session due to the weather one session was wet but r

Hooton IKR Round 4 - 2022

   May the 14th, 15th was the  2022 Hooton IKR round 4 event at  Hooton park .  We entered again in hope of further progression where being a member, it was £45 for the practise and £55 for the race and transponder hire.  Weather report The weather for Saturday was great, sun all day but the forecast for Sunday showed rain. As it turned out, Saturday was HOT HOT HOT which did affect the performance somewhat, Sunday, Although forecast rain was amazing and again HOT. After heat 3 though there was a little rain, not enough to wet the track but enough to cause a stir in the paddock.  Saturday Initial set up: Setting off earlier than usual, as we were picking my class mate up Christian, we arrived just after 8am. All down the tarmacked part of the paddock was taken so we found a spot next to the rail on grass just behind HHR Racing . We had a good view of the track and not to far from the pit entrance. What we found being based here is that we could see more of the other classes race and en

Hooton IKR Round 3 - 2022

  Easter weekend 23rd and 24th March 2022 was the  2022 Hooton IKR round 3 event at Hooton park .  The format was just the same as the last weekend and as with CKC , Saturday practise and then Sunday race day. Again, being a member, it was £45 for the practise and £55 for the race and transponder hire.  This weekend we had managed to secure the use of an Ifor Williams BV85  trailer. Dad had a pair of ramps that he modified so that they can be spread across the beams to take the kart. We calculated that the car could tow the trailer providing we did not over load it.  The weather was amazing, even better than the last IRK, no forecast of rain and a great outlook for the whole weekend, although slightly cool in the morning the afternoon were almost tropical.  Upon arrival we saw that it was not as busy as last time. I guess with it being Easter weekend many may be staying home or even going on Holiday as this session was midway though our half term break.  We set up towards the end of

Hooton IKR Round 2 - 2022

  This weekend 19th and 20th March 2022 was my first real test on the new Kosmic Junior Rotax Kart. It was the 2022 Hooton IKR round 2 event at Hooton park .  The format was like I have experienced with CKC , Saturday practise and then Sunday race day. Being a member, it was £45 for the practise and £55 for the race.  Saturday morning we were up early, Mum made a pack lunch for the day and I helped Dad load the car. The kart was already almost prepped as we went to Hooton 2 weeks back but it was closed. A waste of a 2 hour round trip. Dad was not happy but that's a different story for another day. The weather was amazing, a little cold in the wind but once the wind dropped it was lovely, a great forecast for the weekend. It was about, 10 degrees, with a cool breeze, clear skies and warm sun. Perfect for racing. #letsdothis Once we got there it was very busy, far busier than we had seen before. We found a little spot between two transit vans on the tarmac side quite close to the p

First outing in the OTK Kosmic Mercury - Junior Rotax

Saturday the 25th September 2021 was the first session in the kart. All week I was watching the weather hoping it would stay dry and it did - Amazing! We set off at about 5:30am in the morning. Dad had already loaded the car and put the Kart on the Trailer the night before so we could just get up and go.  Its was about a 2 hour drive up to Teeside Karting and it felt like forever.  Once there we made our little camp, just next to the maintenance shed and set to work setting up the kart and preparing it for the first session. Its not the impressive awning set ups, motor homes and camper vans that were around us but its our home. Grass Roots and Lad and Dad Karting on a budget.  In panic, dad forgot to get the castor oil for the fuel, he forgot that the 2 stroke Rotax needed to have some oil in it so he went to see if he could get some. Lee from Lizzy Mentier racing saved us and gave us a bottle of oil and a little advice on the ratio. 125ml per 5 litres of fuel to make the perfect 2 s

Hooton Park Circuit

 I am putting together some data to help me and others set up and prepare for each track I visit.  Hooton Park Circuit Location:   Eastham Cheshire  Address:       Website:   Over night Camping:     Over night camping is allowed. The grassed areas are nice, clean and flat.  Hooton, Cheshire weather forecast hourly