CKC - Round 2 - Lydd

Round 2 was at the end of the school holidays after bank Holiday weekend. Mum and Dad took the whole week off and we took a few days going to the beach at Lytham, boating on Windemere and going to the fair at Heaton park. I really enjoyed it and was a much needed break from school. 

Lydd Kart Circuit

Lydd is a 6.5 hour drive and over 300 miles, Grandad hired a van from Enterprise and we travelled down Thursday afternoon. After 7 hours we finally arrived and stayed overnight at the Premiere Inn near Ditton in Maidstone. My Dad thought it was funny that the "Fitton's were in Ditton" and posted an embarrassing post on Facebook.. 

Lydd is a fast circuit with some quick chicanes and large sweeping left handers combined with some long straights 

Lydd Kart Circuit

Friday Practice

On Friday we drove down setting up at the far back on paddock B (which is where you'll find us Saturday and Sunday) the sky was dull and we could see rain over the ocean by 9 o'clock the rain hit and everyone was panicking we decided to go with wet tyres dry set up as we were in a rush to get everything changed the tyres were not at a suitable psi 

the first session out was interesting i was still finding the line and breaking points the track was not soaked but not dry either I found to have very low grip sliding on the top corner. the second time out the rain had intensified we were on a semi-wet setup with the same gearing this time the kart handled much better but towards the end of the session when the rain was worsening the grip decreased as the kart wasn't setup for heavy surface water the next few lessons were relatively ok going to a full wet setup we struggled with understeer and span due to a large puddle costing £125 in repair and the fact that the races were paused due to heavy rainfall

Heat One: 39:35

Heat Two 02:28:30

Heat Three 04:01:00

Final: 07:05:30