First outing in the OTK Kosmic Mercury - Junior Rotax

Saturday the 25th September 2021 was the first session in the kart. All week I was watching the weather hoping it would stay dry and it did - Amazing!

OTK Kosmic Junior Rotax.

We set off at about 5:30am in the morning. Dad had already loaded the car and put the Kart on the Trailer the night before so we could just get up and go. 

Its was about a 2 hour drive up to Teeside Karting and it felt like forever. 

Once there we made our little camp, just next to the maintenance shed and set to work setting up the kart and preparing it for the first session. Its not the impressive awning set ups, motor homes and camper vans that were around us but its our home. Grass Roots and Lad and Dad Karting on a budget. 

In panic, dad forgot to get the castor oil for the fuel, he forgot that the 2 stroke Rotax needed to have some oil in it so he went to see if he could get some. Lee from Lizzy Mentier racing saved us and gave us a bottle of oil and a little advice on the ratio. 125ml per 5 litres of fuel to make the perfect 2 stroke mix for the Junior Rotax Max Evo engine. 
Kosmic Junior Rotax
The wheels were put on and pressures set to 10psi, considerably lower than what we were used to in Cadets. Chain tension checked, Mychron 5 fitted and all nuts and bolts were checked for being tight. It was time to go!!

Koden, kosmic OTK Teeside karting

Very nervous now, not knowing what to expect. Going from 7hp to 23 hp is a massive jump. The kart is heavier and I've only been to this track once before. Dad told me to take it easy and build up my speed over a few laps. Get used to the acceleration and speed. 

Green light came on as soon as the micro max had finished their session and returned to the pits, and off I went, Cold tyres so corner 1 and 2 were taken carefully, then the straight. I got the Kart straight and planted my foot on the throttle. WHOOORRRR!!!!!!!, SNAP, Engine Stops and I roll slowly to the grass verge!!! Puzzled and disappointed. 

Here is me sat in the marshal box watching everyone else have fun!

Eventually, after the race, I got rescued. 

We expected a few issues but not so soon in the day. After investigation we found that we were missing a critical stop for the throttle cable. The guy we bought it off have used a cable tie that snapped when I put my foot down. 
Again, Lee from Lizzy Mentier racing saved the day and found us a spare. This £3.50 part could have ruined the day for ud.