CKC - Round 1 - Whilton Mill

Round one was the first time I had been in the kart since the last race of 2020. I was very excited. 

Whilton Mill, is near Northampton, about 2.5 hours drive for us. Grandad hired a Van and we went down early Friday morning to get an extra days practice in. Yes - I got permission off school. 

This time Dad is trying to keep costs to a minimum so we took the tent down for the weekend and found a pitch on the grassed area of the paddock. We brought some mattresses we had from last years caravan and Dad slept on an air bed that kept deflating. 

This is our base...

Whilton Mill

The Circuit at Whilton Mill is fast with some great complex corners. 
A bad corner through the boot and you don't have enough speed to get up the hill towards Christmas Corner. Down hill to Ashby and you really have to get on the breaks to make the turn. 

Friday / Saturday Practise

The weather on Friday and Saturday was perfect for racing, cool frosty mornings leading to nice warm afternoons. Dad set the kart up with a 73 tooth rear sprocket 10mm in on the rear and 30mm 


Qualifying was done on the Saturday after the practice because of the number of drivers. I was very tired and every bone in my body was aching. Over the 12minutes my times are recorded, my quickest lap will be used to find my place on the grid. 
This is probably THE most important race. A slow time here and you are at the back of the grid, typically you can expect to finish the final within a place or two  from where you qualify so its all or nothing. 

Heat 1

Starting 18th on the Grid I had some work to do. By the end of lap 2 I had managed to climb to P13 but after an intense battle on Lap 8 I ended up spinning out on the boot, see the video below at 1:19:00. Lost 5 positions meaning heat 2 will be difficult to regain those position. 

Heat 2

I made those places back quickly. I was starting on the inside line and got a really good start, gaining 6 places on the first two corners putting me in 12th from 18th but on the top of the Ashby straight I was knocked wide having to break to prevent a spin but I only lost 2 places on lap 3 and 4. I knew that the person in front wasn't the quickest, so I stayed close until the uphill part of the track on the next lap. I pulled out wide as I knew they didn’t breaks as late as I did at the top of the hill for Christmas Corner, so with my front tire to his rear I hammered it up into the corner breaking late and preventing a switch back through the exit Christmas corner. The next couple of laps were uneventful, I finish the heat in P15.

Heat 3

Having made 3 positions from Heat one to Heat 2 I was hoping I could gain 2/3 more in heat three as this would have put me in or at least close to being in the top ten. Unfortunately Heat 3 was cancelled due to a number of delays, one was kart going through a barrier and more worrying, one driver having a serious accident. Luckily though the drive only suffered Whiplash and concussion. 
So base on the the results of Heat 2, I will be starting in P15. 


What a final it was, I managed to maintain position for the first lap but unfortunately lost one position on Lap 2 to to Number 89, however, I managed to keep with him and claw back that place on the next lap. I continued to battle with number 89, loosing again a place in lap 5 to then climb 2 places as i battled with Toby Jukes in number 39. As much as I tried I just couldn't get past Toby for the remainder of the race finally finishing in 15th out of 21 drivers. 

Then came the bad part. During the battle with Numbers 39 and 12 and 89, we all missed a yellow flag. This resulted in a 10 second penalty which pushed me back into 18th. A bad start to the season but a lesson learned. 

Check out the video below.

Heat 1 at 01:13:00

Heat 2 at 03:47:47

Final at 07:24:20  - at 07:29:00 their a good shot of me heading past the S/F and up the hill.